1 Mapa b&w
We are heading towards the middle parts of the island, between the districts of Moya and Firgas. Here we find the Azuaje ravine, one of the Special Nature Reserve of Gran Canaria.


2 Puente de accesoWe reach Azuaje by the right side of the bridge, which joins the two slopes of the canyon.


3 Hotel - balnearioWe start the route from the former spa.


4 Hotel balneario 2Yes, that’s right…Unfortunately, this is the aspect that presents the former Spa-hotel Azuaje, one of the pioneers of the island to host «health tourism». Wealthy travelers came here to benefit from healing mineral medicinal waters.


5 Camino empedradoThe first stretch is a wide and well paved cobbled way, although on wet days is rather slippery.


6 MerenderoWe pass through a zone enabled as a picnic area…


7 Sendero estrechoAnd here we get into the ravine, now by a narrower path.


8 Corriente permanenteThe permanent stream of water that runs through this ravine has very variable flow rate.


9 Pasarela de maderaFootbridge built with willow wood, a tree very abundant throughout the ravine.


10 ExcursionistasThe small waterfalls and ponds, that water creates in its path, are the attraction of the excursionists.


11 Formación en VThe formation in «V» of this canyon becomes here more evident.


12 Sendero angostoIn some areas the path becomes more cramped.


13 Bosque de laurisilvaBesides many endemic species, the ravine shelters remains of the «laurisilva» forest.


14 Gotas del rocíoDrops of recent dew.


15 Camino serpenteanteThe trail is winding from side to side, avoiding the water currents and more abundant vegetation.


16 DesprendimientoZone of detachment that we cross by its upper area.


17 Viejo pozoWe skirt the ruins of this old well.


18 Peñón


19 Primera cuerdaThe trail leads us to a rocky wall. To descend we use the anchored rope.


20 CascadaRecently fallen torrential rains have created this ephemeral waterfall. / The thin water curtain reminds of a relaxing spa.


21 Segunda cuerdaWe approach the second area of ropes. Its grade and slippery state makes us take precaution.


22 Cuerdas ancladasWe climb the ropes, permanently installed for the use of the hikers.


23 Abandonando el cauceLeaving behind the watercourse of the ravine, we start the ascent…


Azuaje - camino abiertoAnd we come out into the light of a more open path…


25 Momento de risasWe take advantage of the moment for some few laughs.


26 Barranco de Azuaje


27 BifurcaciónLeaving behind the part of Azuaje ravine we decide the direction to follow.


28 Barranco de GuadalupeThe die is cast… Towards the Guadalupe ravine.


29 Tramos inhóspitosThe trail may pass through the properties and farms; also crosses more inhospitable and less traveled stretches.


30 Casa típica canariaWe reach a nice house of typical canarian construction.


31 Duende y búhoThe little gnome and an impassive owl are the faithful  guardians of this place.


32 Hacia el cauceWe cross in  front of the house for to descend to the watercourse.


33 Lo más profundo del barrancoWe pass over this great rocks to go deep in to the ravine.


34 Barranco cañeroHere, the ravine becomes wilder and tougher.


35 Caña común invasoraArundo donax – Giant cane, invasive throughout all the ravine.


36 Vegetación entrelazadaThe vegetation becomes more and more abundant and woven together.


37 BarrizalIn time of rains the flow increases considerably, turning the land into a muddy place.


38 CalasZantedeschia aethiopica Calla lilies – naturalized in this dark environment.


39 PasadizoWe cross a passage of earth, stones and roots…


40 Lugar mágicoAnd before us appears this magical place.


41 Árbol zenZen moment!


42 Troncos y ramasWe continue advancing over the trunks and branches, avoiding the mudflat.


43 Sauce en florWe come out to a huge rock, where we are received by the blooming willow.


44 FincasBordering the farm areas.


45 Araña orbitelaTropical Tent-Web Spider.


46 ÑamerasCrops of taro.


47 BerrosWatercress plantations, very common in this area of the ravine.


48 Pista de tierraBy a dirt track we leave behind the bottom of the Las Madres ravine.


48a Azuaje - bicácaroCanarina canariensis – Canary bell-flower, one of the endemism of this ravine.


49 Hacia FirgasWe continue along the GC-305 road that leads us to the town of Firgas.


50 Bifurcación 2After 45 minutes and 3 kilometers of asphalt road, we turn of back to the ravine.


51 Ladera abajoBy a well marked path we follow downhill.


52 Últimas fotosAlready next to the car park we rush to take the last photos.


53 Final de la rutaBack to the old spa we end this exciting and funny route.


Datos orientativos de la ruta

– Municipio / District: Firgas, Moya

– Tipo de recorrido / Kind of trial: circular

– Distancia / Distance: 7,5 km

– Tiempo / Time: 5 horas con paradas y descansos / 5 hours with stops and breaks

– Desnivel / Altitude change: 580 m

– Dificultad / Difficulty: media, con tramos de cuerdas y cañaveral / moderate, with ropes areas and reed bed

Track y waypoints de la ruta