1 Andén Verde costa noroeste – To start this route we place our self on the northwest coast of Grand Canary, in the area of « Andén Verde«.

2 Mirador Andén Verde We gather information of the zone in the poster that we find on the viewpoint and start the descent to the right of this.


3 Cartel del mirador


5 Camino a Casa de Job On this stretch, a stony path in good condition and also easy to walk leads to the house «Casa de Job«.


6 Faneque 1027m  –

7 Flor de mayo  – The vegetation is abundant and varied in this time of the year (January). A sample of it is this «Flor de mayo» growing at the very edge of the road.


8 Ficha del Flor de mayo– «Flor de mayo» is an endemic specie of island of Grand Canary. Botanic name: Pericallis Webbii Common name: Flor de mayo, Bientequiero,… Family: Asteraceae Flowering season: very variable – they reach the maximum splendor in the month of May Habitat: slopes and cliffs, usually in the shade of the lowlands of pine grows and «monteverde» of Gran Canary.


9 Frailecillo escondido– Sharpening the sight we can see this «Frailecillo«, sheltered under its green leaves.


10 Ficha del Frailecillo Botanic name: Arisarum Simorrhinum Common name: Candil, Cachimba, Frailecillo,… Family: Araceae Habitat: grassy and stony soils, mainly in mild places of the Iberian Peninsula, north of Africa, Madeira and on the Balearis, Azores and Canary Islands.


11 Vistas impresionantes  The views are awesome with the cloudless sky!!


12 Lomo de los Riscos del Jabalillo   The house «Casa de Job«, already in disuse, is located at the ridge of the cliffs «Riscos del Jabalillo«. The last dweller, in the 80′,  was somebody called «Rata» and then it was used sporadically by the local shepherds.


13 Casa de Job – Although the damage due to the abandonment is evident, the house is very well located – south-facing and protected from the north winds.


14 Ideas para restaurar  There is idea of restoring the house for to make a local Interpretation Center.


15 Desde la ventana

16 Hacia el andén   We take the left slope of the house to head for a sidewalk which runs parallel to the cliffs.


17 Andén Verde The sidewalk shows up dressed in green, honoring its own name – «Andén Verde«.


18 Bordeando el cantil At the end of this section, which runs along the wall, we continue the descent towards the slope.


19 Toldas del andén

20 Toldas, tabaibas, salvias,... The trail fades here under a blanket of «toldas» (Euphorbia aphylla) and «tabaibas» (Euphorbia balsamifera).


21 De verde y amarillo  The vegetation offers us a lively scenery in all the shades of green and yellow.


22 Toldas

23 Refugios en ruina Arriving at the bottom of the slope we head for «arenal» – the sandy area, passing through two ruined buildings, that served as a shelter for fishermen, shepherds and harvesters of «orchilla» (Roccella canariensis).


24 En el arenal Already in the sandy area and before heading to the tip, we decided to walk along the left-hand side, looking west.



26 La cola del dragón Cliffs that disappear westward simulate «Dragon tail«, as they are popularly known.


27 Abruptos acantilados A closer view of the steep cliffs.


28 Costeando Following the coastline, now in the northwest direction.


29 Playa de callaos From a considerable slope we can see this beach of windswept pebbles, very dangerous for the bath and impassable at high tide.


30 Arenal fosilizado The sandy area is composed of fossilized microorganisms, because in the past the sea covered this area.


31 Detalle arenal 

32 Bajando el arenal

33 Arenal moldeado The wind and the water come together to model this point of «arenal».


34 Figuras de arena Sometimes the sand figures seem to come to the life.


35 Huellas del viento

36 Salida del barranco

37 Huellas humanas Not only does the wind insist on leaving its mark in this arid and desert-like environment.


38 Conchal I By the sea and at the foot of a boulder we come across this surprising heap of shells – «Conchal».


39 Conchal II

40 Conchal III

41 Playa de la Virgen Towards the north is the beach «Playa de la Virgen«. Prohibitive for bathing this time, at low tide remains exposed a small blanket of black sand.


42 Plataforma volcánica On this slope are poking out large rocks formed by volcanic material. The platform supporting the sandy area is equally from solidified magma.



Iniciamos la vueltaThe way back we begin crossing the top of «arenal».


45 Camino de vuelta We pass through the ruined buildings and ascend the same path as coming down.


46 El arenal

47 De vuelta a la cima We approach the top with the sun drawing lengthening shadows.


48 Risco Faneque en nubes Cliff «Risco Faneque» with its typical cloud visor.


49 Ruta finalizada Evening falls and we arrive to the viewpoint, completing this amazing route.


50 Ocaso– Driving the meandering highway back home, the day award us with this sunset for to remember an extraordinary journey.

Datos orientativos de la ruta

– Municipio / District: Artenara

– Tipo de recorrido / Kind of trial: Ida y vuelta  / return trip

– Distancia / Distance: 8,5 km

– Tiempo / Time: 5 horas con paradas y descansos / 5 hours with stops and breaks

– Desnivel / Altitude change: 550 m

– Dificultad / Difficulty: media con tramos aéreos / moderate with vertiginous sections

Mapa con algunos sitios de interés